3M Premium Safety Goggles

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3M Premium Safety Goggles
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3M Premium Safety Goggles Wraparound design gives increased confidence and an exceptional field of vision. Sealed design helps provide protection against liquids, dust, gases and vapours and helps provide a comfortable and secure fit. Acetate lens option for excellent chemical resistance (2790A) and protection against high speed particles of low energy EN166FT. Polycarbonate lens option protects against high speed particles of medium energy EN166FSBT and molten metal (2790). Broad, fully adjustable headband for optimum fit and reliable protection. Anti-Scratch: features an extremely scratch resistant coating ensuring improved durability (2790 only). Anti-Fog: A special coating which reduces fogging and ensures clearer vision. Can be worn over specs. Conforms to EN166 2001 Product Codes: PDM76HD Polycarboante PSP117HD Acetate